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I am fortunate in being able to combine a love of embroidery with a flair for the artistic in creating things of beauty. I honed my skills while my children were young and in school—I not only sewed their clothes but also created soft sculptured unicorns and various other “critters,” which grew into a small craft cottage industry. I also worked the local craft show circuit and other outlets. When I took a job in a military and civilian uniform tailoring shop, I learned a new craft: hand-sewing military medals mounted to wear on dress uniforms. As I learned more about America’s men and women in uniform, I developed a deep respect for who they are and what they do. While assembling a set of medals, for example, I could tell a fair amount about that person—like when they served, special awards, if they had seen combat or been wounded. On older sets of medals you might even see POW awards. Besides all the regulation embroidery they wear, those in the military also take great pride in wearing embroidered items that distinguish their individual groups or squads. As the shop’s business expanded, the owner invested in a high-tech embroidery machine. I took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself—a training position for a machine operator. I wanted to try my hand at this high-tech style of embroidery. Within a few months, I knew I had found my niche in life, and ran the shop’s machine for about six years. I worked briefly in two other embroidery shops before making the plunge and buying my own machines. I started with a single-head commercial Tajima TX1501, and two years later added a six-head Tajima TM1506. I have been Lowe-Go Embroidery & Designs since April 1, 2004, and am loving every minute of it. Though I now use large commercial machines rather than doing embroidery by hand, I strive to do even the simplest design or logo with the same meticulous care and creative flair. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I moved to Virginia Beach in 1978 and married the same year. I am delighted that one of my two daughters is following in my footsteps, studying graphic arts and working in embroidery.

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