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Alliance Legal Group and The Law Offices of Steve C. Taylor is happy to be of service to Virginia and Hampton Roads residents. We have general practice offices located in four Hampton Roads cities. In addition to a general practice, we offer the following legal services: Family Law, Bankruptcy & Credit Management, Personal Injury & Accident Claims, Property & Real Estate, Criminal Defense, Traffic Law, Estate Planning & Social Security.

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133 Mt. Pleasant Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23322
United States

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  • A Legal Practice where Integrity is Priority.


3 Reviews
Tom W
Norfolk, VA
Help When Needed

I got myself into a tight spot and needed legal advice and representation. I called Mr. Taylor's office from the Shepherd's Guide and his staff worked me right in. It was such a relief to have them figure out the best route for me to take and guide me through it. All I can say is they were a "God Sent" for me.

August 2018

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Chesapeake, VA
Excellent Representation

It is so great to have a trusted legal practice who prioritizes integrity like Steve Taylor does. He and his team truly serve us here in Hampton Roads well.

August 2018

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Very Happy
Chesapeake, VA
Excellent Service

Thanking God for a Godly Law Firm who cares about God's people. Very competent, affordable and just an all around wonderful experience.

September 2011

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